Technical Support Resources
Use the manufacturer links below to obtain product information, drivers and software updates

- Network cards
Abit - Mainboards
Altec Lansing - Speakers
Asus - Mainboards
ATi Tech - Video cards
Creative Labs - Sound cards
Diamond - Video cards and modems
Genius - Mice and keyboards
Hewlett Packard - Printers and CD-RW drives
IBM / Hitachi - Hard drives
Intel - Processors
Iomega - ZIP Drives

Jaton - Video cards
Keytronic - Keyboards
Kingston - Network cards
Linksys - Network cards
Logitech - Mice and keyboards
Microsoft - Mice, keyboards, and software
Plextor - CD-RW drives
Toshiba - CD-ROM and DVD drives
UMAX - Scanners
U.S. Robotics - Modems
ViewSonic - Monitors
Western Digital - Hard drives

If you require further assistance, feel free to email or call us at (717) 203-9872

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